Woman Delivers Baby After Missing Menstruation For 13 years

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A Nigerian woman who got married in 1984, has respected her first kid just because subsequent to missing her missing Menstruation for 13 years.

Reviewing how a medical attendant broke updates on her pregnancy to her, Mrs Osiebo who respected a child kid on December 13 said;

The attendant took a gander at my face and stated, ‘Mummy, to God be the glory , you are pregnant. I was astonished.


58-year-old Dorcas Osiebo reviewed how her expectation was run in the wake of looking for help from both customary and standard restorative practices. The woman who entered menopause in 2006, likewise uncovered her more youthful sister who got hitched after her is as of now a stupendous mother.

She said;

However, early this year (2019), I just felt in my body as though I was pregnant, yet I figured in what manner would that be able to be particularly when I have not seen my period since 2006,” the woman said.

“I got married in January 1984, however there was no kid by any means; individuals who got married that year with us have kids; even my young sister has fantastic kids,” Dorcas said.

Facebook user, Wisdom Nwedene’s post below;

She uncovered that she was confounded and energized when her Pastor’s significant other, an attendant affirmed her pregnancy.

I drank a ton of concoctions (herbal mixtures) in my push to get pregnant.

“One of the concoctions, I can’t withstand the smell; to drink it; I will obstruct my nose, and close my eyes before I can drink it.

“I did all these to improve things for me yet no good thing left it,” she said.

We have gone to numerous spots and clinics that we can’t much number them all. In 2006, my significant other took me for checking at an emergency clinic in Jos and an impediment was found (not fibroid).

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“An activity was completed at the emergency clinic and I returned home yet no arrangement, rather, since the activity was done, I didn’t see my period once more.

“At the point when I told my significant other, he didn’t conviction I was pregnant. However, I found that I never again prefer to eat my best nourishments and my garments never again size me,” she clarified.

While her time of sitting tight for a kid kept going, she stated: “None of my parents in law upset me. My late father in-law didn’t upset me, in spite of the fact that he once inquired as to why we were simply collapsing our arms and failing to address the circumstance.

We at that point disclosed to him that we were not collapsing our arms however attempting our best, yet that the thing never worked out.

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Be that as it may, I and my better half were concerned. My significant other is the principal conceived of his dad and I am the first of mine too.

We have more youthful ones who as of now have great number of youngsters yet it is just us that didn’t have offspring of our own. At whatever point we recollected all these, we were troubled,” she said.


Notwithstanding, Mr Osiebo said after a significant stretch of marriage and petition without a kid he chose to rely upon God for a marvel.

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Yet, by the finesse of God today, an infant kid has entered this family; that is the reason for my delight. I am glad, express gratitude toward God,” said the energized spouse.


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