Paul Dogboe Consulted “Juju” Before Isaac Dogboe-Navarette Fight.

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Father and trainer of former Ghanaian- World Champion, Paul Dogboe has blamed his sons 2nd consecutive lose to Mexican fighter, Emmanuel Navarette to juju (black magic).

Paul Dogboe
Isaac Dogboe lost his second fight in his professional career to the Mexican despite lasting the entire 12 rounds months after being knocked out at the Madison Square.

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After performing some traditional chieftaincy rituals for his son, Paul disclosed that a juju man (witch doctor) predicted that Isaac Dogboe was going to knock down his opponent in round two.

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However, a man of God who opposed the deeds of Paul told him it would be impossible for his son to win the fight after initiating the traditional rites.
“We were bringing a stool that hasn’t come back to his throne yet. When you are repairing all these things they have to be doing certain rituals and things and we’ve done all that,” Paul Dogboe told Joy Sports.

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He added, “But when the prophet told me that, Paul, things will not be well and I told my son that this fight, the juju people say we going to knock Navarette out in round two and the prophet says this cannot be.”
Despite seeing his son train hard for the re-match, Paul Dogobe noted that he had doubts about his son’s chances of winning the belt again after performing the traditional rites.

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“I did not believe when he even said that. I had doubts at that time I didn’t know what came over me because I knew people telling me that this is a family thing just go ahead and repair the palace,” Paul Dogboe said.

Isaac has been attempting to relaunch his career and was scheduled to fight in April but the coronavirus pandemic has made it impossible for him to stage a comeback.

Paul Dogboe

Credit: monteozlive

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