Meet Police Officer Who Fills Potholes In Accra To Save Lives [Photos]

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Ghanaian Police officer , Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko who works with the Accra Regional Police Command and noted for offering back to the network and fixing harmed ventures has set out on another in the nation.

The lesser cop has become something of a society legend to the individuals of Ghana after he went through certain days briefly filling in some tricky potholes which present demise danger to drivers and travelers.

Simon Agbeko first got propelled to fix up a portion of the street perils at the Achimota overhead and the Abeka intersection after he rolled over the especially dreadful pothole.

Addressing this journalist, he said he topped off the potholes to turn away mishaps.

The venture, he stated, frames some portion of his street security battle to the walkers, drivers and drivers.

As opposed to trusting that the city specialists will fix the potholes, Agbeko got a scoop and began moving rock and street fill and moving it into the potholes.

Since passing traffic has pressed the filling into the gaps, he said the street is essentially better.

Moreover, passing drivers have offered their thanks towards the roadside vigilante.

In August this year, Lance Corporal Agbeko fixed a wrecked traffic light at Odorkor with his very own cash.

The harmed traffic light which faces an alternate course, we are told since it got spoilt has been making a great deal of issues for vehicles and people on foot moving from either side of the street.

He said the broken traffic light represents a grave peril to drivers and other street clients.

He, in this manner, engaged the city specialists to help fix all separated traffic lights since it presents risk to lives and properties.

He additionally gave wheelchairs to arbitrary physically-tested people in the city.

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The official obtained sticks and bolsters also for these individuals, some of whom he situates in different mosques and homes over the capital.

He portrayed these beneficent goes about as a sign of celestial bearings from God, which he gets in his fantasies.

Absence of fix chips away at one of the significant streets in certain pieces of Accra has left the street framework with perilous potholes.

Police officer

Police officer

Police officer

Police officer

Police officer

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