Medikal Talks After He Was Sacked By Fella Makafui

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Medikal has represented the first run through in the wake of getting sacked by Medikal together with his back up parent, Criss Waddle.

In our past story, we uncovered that both Medikal and Criss Waddle visited Fella Makafui to argue for her pardoning. Their primary thought process was to win her heart back for Medikal.

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Fella Makafui sacks Medikal and Criss Waddle from her shop after they went to apologize to her. Nonetheless, what they thought would have been effectively wound up in ‘tears’ as Fella Makafui drove them out of her essence.

Fella Makafui in the wake of disfavoring Medikal and Criss Waddle took to Twitter to represent the first run through. Ok well, Medikal has likewise spoken subsequent to ‘Slashing’ the ‘Yawa’.

As indicated by him, he has attempted his conceivable best to win back Fella Makafui which has all demonstrated purposeless.

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For the interim, Fella Makafui is getting ridiculed by Sister Derby in a tacky manner. Just yesterday, Sister Derby taunted Fella Makafui once more!



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