Just In : A Clash Between The Ghana Police And Some Cutlass Wielding Citizen At Adenta | VIDEO

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Its worth to know that the bloodless clashes between Some personnels of the S.W.A.T team of the Ghana Police Service and some armed civilians at Adenta , where the cutlass wielding civilians were disarmed by the police as they clashed on the streets.

The most anticipated “lockdown “issueed by the President of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo to help contant the deadly corona virus pandemic which is experiencing an increase amount of cases in the country .


During the President’s last update address to the nation , he stressed that the two weeks lockdown of the Greater Accra region and the Ashanti region was to help Government and the Health Service to fight the dreaded pandemic and to help curtail the spread of the Covid -19 virus , so all residents affected by the lockdown should humbly compel with his directives for their own well-being .

It seems not everybody got the presidents memo , because there has been a few clashes between the Law Enforcement Agencies and a few stray Ghanaians who decided not to pay heed to the President’s directive .

I believe those who break the laws of the land are supposed to be dealt with well so to deter others from joining in this unlawful act … Lets remind ourself of the directives of the President on the “Lockdown” of The Greater Accra Region and The Ashanti Region below is the Presidents message.

There is a famous saying ” if you are bold to commit a crime , be bold to face the out come of the crime”
The lockdown of the Greater Accra Region and the Ashanti Region was a necessary precaution taken by the Government to safe guard the lives of its citizens against the infamous Covid -19 pandemic which has claimed five lives in Ghana and over thousand lives in the world.

Its true we as ghanaians have rights under the constitutions of the land but our rights end when someone’s rights begin and with this we as Ghanaian should be lawful and follow the directive of #stayhome by the President .

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Lawlessness has not always been part of the Ghanaian society , Ghanaians are well noted for their hospitality and their peaceful nature…

Those found out to have broken the law should be dealt with full wrath of the law for endangering their lives , lives of their famillies and the nation as a whole…

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Violence is never the key , the deadly pandemic is not taking lives but its making people lawlesness which shouldnt be allowed… These civilians should be dealt with in the fulness of the law to deter others.

Watch The Video Below Which Shows The Clash.


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