How Achimota Hospital Left A Student With A Snakebite to Die Without Treatment

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The sh*thole idea of Ghana was on full show at the Achimota Hospital as of late when an student was surged there to look for treatment for a snakebite.

After over an hour at the office, this student in a crisis circumstance had still not got any treatment, and he must be raced to a close by office to be dealt with.

He could have effectively kicked the bucket so despite the fact that he made due for this situation, the circumstance must be gotten out for how destroyed it is.

Achimota Hospital

It resembles our clinics have no clue what a ‘crisis’ really implies!

This is the nation whose pioneers feel glad for the activity they’re doing and even think they merit another term.

“I was labeled in this last night—the individuals that guarantee Ghana is advancing , mercifully read.

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I can’t see the more brilliant side of Ghana. Your pioneers are jokers and the residents cheer to the carnival.


I was at the Achimota Hospital to support my senior sister who lost her child around 9 pm. As we sat in a condition of despairing, understudies of Achimota School trooped in with their trademark house dressings. Around four conveyed one who had one leg raised; battling from a snake chomp.

They were driven into one ward and moved to another. Right around 60 minutes, the understudies were simply going all over reviling and communicating stun at the way that their partner was simply left there resting. They said the medical attendants guarantee they have no antidote.

We thought it was a joke until the kid was brought out standing ( that is the point at which I took the pic) evidently wanting to think not to kick the bucket. A man brought his vehicle and conveyed the kid in moving him to Lapaz Community Hospital ( so he said).

Tragic nation. I continue saying this nation has no future. Ghana is in excess of a town. An entire medical clinic inside a shaggy territory has no antidote? The paracetamol of Achimota Hospital ought to be an antibody.

Youth, it would be ideal if you battle to end up in a superior nation.


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