Covid-19: Sex Workers Should Be Categorised As Essential Service Providers.

Sex workers
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Looking at the importance of the services provided by sex workers , but my question is why are the sex workers who ply their trade in these areas affected by the lockdown are not counted as part of the essential service providers?

It is an open secret that In the course of the ongoing lockdown, only essential service providers such as health workers , bankers, utility service providers and many others are allowed to operate under strict conditions of social distancing.

  • Sex workers

Sex working may not be the most prestigious of work and although it is unlawful under the 1992 constitution of Ghana, you can neither deny nor underestimate the major role these sex workers play in society and the country in general economically. It is an open secret that sex workers satisfy the sexual urge of huge percentage of the male population of country from all works of lives on a daily basis.

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It is worth to know that the services of these sex workers provide to their clients comes with its own benefits. Sex in itself comes as one of the best form of exercise, so these sex workers thus will provide their clients a very active way to burn calories and to stay healthy .

Another benefit of sex which these sex workers provide is an avenue for their clients to keep the immune system humming (boosted) , it is scientifically proven that people who have sex have higher levels of what defends your body against germs, viruses, and other intruders.

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It is general knowledge that after a bout of sex one is able to sleep well , which goes a long way to keep the body rested and refreshed which goes a long way to help the human mind to fight depression.

Sex workers

It is interesting to noteknow that aside the current ” the wash your hands with soap under running water ” and also the “use of hand sanitizers” campaign , there is another public education on getting enough rest and also exercising to help boost one’s immune system.

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So if these services of these sex workers can help in the fight of this dreaded pandemic (through boosted immune system), why not regulate their activities under a strict medical directives and grant them a temporary passes so to enable them to operate so they can help fight rising rate of depression among the masses who engage them for their services and also an alternative way to fight the dreaded pandemic Covid-19?

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