Covid-19 Ghana LockDown :Government Should Supply Some Basic Need To Citizens.

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The deadly Coronavirus has had almost every Countries in panic mode since the start of year, most countries have eventually shut their borders and ultimately lockdown their countries to prevent the increasing spread of the deadly pandemic which has claimed many lives.


Latest to follow the Lockdown trend is Ghana which is started it’s partially lockdown of two of its most populated regions (Greater Accra and Ashanti region) to help limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus which started on Monday March 30th,2020.

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Lockdown is an effective way to help fight the spread of Covid-19 virus , as countries who adopted this measure has seen a drastic fall in the spread of virus.

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For the general public to effectively comply with Government of Ghana’s directive on the “Lockdown” I humbly suggest that those in authority take a clue from Rwanda Government , as at the moment Rwanda is making plans to provide free electricity and water to people, in addition to the door-to-door distribution of free food and free medical supplies during the country’s coronavirus lockdown period.

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Some civilians have started having clashes with the Law Enforcement Agencies of the Country which should not have happened but because most Ghanaians are mainly wages workers and with the lockdown coming out of the blue, preparation was not the best, which makes their lively hood a bit difficult during this period where movement is restricted.

I can assure the Government that if the basic needs of the people are carted for the Rwanda Government is looking to do then Ghana’s lockdown will be a peaceful one, to it can be able to achieve it’s purpose.

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