Bank Of Ghana Presents GH¢100, GH¢200 Notes And GH¢2 coin

Bank Of Ghana
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The Governor of Bank Of Ghana, Dr Ernest Yedu Addison, has reported the presentation of GH¢100 and GH¢200 notes to the nation’s cash category.

Likewise, GH¢2 coins have been presented.

Bank Of Ghana
GH¢ 2 coin

The new notes which go into dissemination Friday were divulged at a question and answer session at the Banking Hall of the Bank of Ghana (BoG).

Bank Of Ghana
New Gh¢ 100 & Gh¢ 200

“A great deal of intuition went into the choice to present the higher category banknotes. The structure of the banknote ought to adjust well to the requirements of the individuals who use it for their day by day exchanges.

“We need banknotes and coins that are helpful for the vast majority to utilize, excellent, verify and financially savvy. In like manner, in March 2017, the Bank of Ghana started a procedure of directing a careful survey of the structure of the cash remembering for the note/coin limit and adequacy and utilization of the individual money arrangement,” Dr Addison said.

He said the audit practice which included leading an across the nation study with showcase agents, organizations and worldwide partners just as some experimental exercise.

Bank Of Ghana

The Governor included that, “the result of these activities uncovered the resurgence of deadweight trouble issues on the economy due to past critical swelling and enduring deterioration of the money, a huge increment in the interest for higher category banknote and expanded the expense of printing.”

Bank Of Ghana
New Gh¢2

Dr Addison said in accordance with the aftereffects of the activity, the BoG is acquainting the new notes with supplement the current arrangement to guarantee client accommodation and achieve effectiveness in the printing of cash to create reserve funds for the nation.

Bank Of Ghana

These new higher worth groups will just reestablish mostly the dollar estimation of the higher category GH¢200 to about US$40, not exactly near levels in 2007, however sufficiently high to essentially diminish the deadweight weight and high exchange cost in making high-esteem buys in a money based economy like Ghana,” he said.

In May this year, BoG put into course, overhauled banknotes of the Ghana Cedi. The method of reasoning for updating the banknotes was essentially to improve the security highlights of the banknotes with regards to a developing innovative scene and to expedite board includes that will verify the cash and make it hard for falsifying.

Notwithstanding improving the security includes, the updated banknotes accompanied explicit highlights to improve toughness and upgrade their machine coherence.

The redesign practice held the structure highlights of the current arrangement of banknotes and coins as presented 12 years back in 2007, in a redenomination practice that looked to recalibrate the cash because of huge deadweight trouble which was an inheritance of significant stretches of high expansion and money depreciation.

Dr Addison clarified that the “redenomination practice expected to dispose of four zeros from the current unit of monetary forms trying to present effectiveness in the economy and expel the dead-weight trouble on the economy related with exchanges. At the hour of the redenomination, GH¢1 was proportionate to US$1.

The most elevated category at that point was GH¢50 and was proportional to the US$50. Twelve years after the redenomination work out, supported times of high swelling and the enduring deterioration of the money have disintegrated, in genuine terms, the presumptive worth of the arrangement of the notes.”

The Governor said the presentation of the high-esteem notes ought not be confounded to mean a move away from the Central Banks approach of seeking after a cashless society and advancing the utilization of electronic methods of installments.

“While energetically seeking after monetary incorporation by quickening the movement to e-installment stages, we are additionally aware of the pertinence of money in our everyday dealings. Evidently, money still remains the favored mode of installment by the u casual part in the nation.

“This is the reason we keep on focusing on improvements in the structure, security highlights and the executives of money inside the economy. This will remain with us for quite a while,” Dr Addison said.

He likewise revealed that the Bank of Ghana will leave on an across the nation battle to instruct the overall population on the new categories.

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“I importune each Ghanaian to think about these new divisions cautiously and be acquainted with the principle highlights to encourage the location of phony money notes.

Bank Of Ghana

The need to appropriately deal with our banknotes is still of critical significance and we should endeavor to keep them clean consistently in accordance with the Bank’s Clean Note Policy. As such, ‘Know the Cedi and Keep it clean,'” he said.

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