Anas Drops A Scrap Of His Latest Expose Titled ‘Abayee’

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Analytical Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has in his most recent uncover ruined the disguise of City Guards with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) who are had practical experience in accepting kickbacks and blackmailing cash from peddlers in his most recent report named “Abayee’.

The city watch framework was intended to keep up request and make our city, our shopping centers and huge markets increasingly respectful and current. Be that as it may, by their hired fighter habits and questionable usual way of doing things, the men commanded by the Metropolitan specialists to make the measures work, have rather made things inimitably murkier and life increasingly useless for some a driver, dealer and significant benefactors of our many mushrooming markets.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) revealed a truly commendable activity, “Economical Smart City” among others to free the Accra city of disorder, blockages and over the top structures and rottenness by vendors, dealers and others as one of the methods for tidying up Accra and required everybody’s exertion.

Previously existing establishments were upgraded with vehicles and different instruments while new changes, for example, the Sanitation Metro Guards were founded to see to the accomplishment of the activity.

Staff, City Guard (Abayee) and Sanitation Metro Guards (Asamanasaman), commanded to see to the effective acknowledgment of the Assembly’s drives, have been fairly utilizing their influence and order to coerce cash and blessings from individuals who violate the gathering’s bye-laws as opposed to carrying them to book. Therefore, the enemy we guarantee to battle, continue gazing us in the face constantly.

The City Guards (Abayee) ordered to free the city of individuals selling and setting up structures at unapproved places, for example, the roads and person on foot asphalts, were on a few events found taking cash from the very individuals they are to the police to permit shield them to approach their criminal operations.

There were occurrences where the Abayee would hold onto merchandise from sellers and request that they meet them at where they wrap up their day by day exercises, for the most part, inverse Kinbu, for arrangement and installment so as to recover their held onto products.

Tiger acting like a seller selling shoes in a work cart had his push cart and products seized on a few events. On one of the events, the Abayee that held onto the Tiger’s merchandise requested more than the GHS =5 they frequently gathered from proprietors of held onto products. The gatekeeper in the end took Tiger’s GHS 5 and an extra GHS10 from another coconut vender and restored their products to them to approach their exercises.

On another event, another Abayee, in the wake of holding onto Tiger’s handcart and gathering GHS 5 from Tiger, discharged his products and enabled him to unreservedly sell in the road with an alert not to get captured by different watchmen.


There was likewise an episode where an Abayee held onto things from a Nigerian vendor at Tudu asserting that he was selling at an approved spot regardless of rehashed admonitions to the peddlers. This Abayee later takes GHS 10 from the Nigerian and another GHS 5 from Tiger, within the sight of a portion of their pioneers after which the held onto merchandise were discharged.Anas

The arrangement to recover held onto products could likewise include the influenced peddler leaving behind a portion of the held onto merchandise to the Aba-yee.


The individuals who can’t pay either in real money or with a portion of their merchandise get their things moved into a much open activity vehicle and moved to the AMA office close Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.

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