2 Fetish Priests Arrested In Penyi In the Volta Region For Preventing Precipitation From Falling

fetish priest
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2 fetish priest were almost lynched on Wednesday 20th May 2020 for keeping rain from falling in Penyi, a town close Dzodze in the Ketu-North civil get together. Notwithstanding the intercession of the Police, they would have been pounded the life out of.
fetish priest
Two fetish priests have been arrested in the Volta Region.

Clearly, these 2 fetish priest have been keeping precipitation from falling in the unassuming community.

As indicated by a Ghanaweb journalist, the two fetish priest were blamed for keeping rain from falling by performing short customs in either their rooms or in their mystery holy places at whatever point downpour shapes in the cloud thus causing overwhelming hits to ranchers whose harvests are ceasing to exist on the fields and need water to endure.

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Penyi and its neighboring towns have not seen any rain in the previous months regardless of various occasions of the cloud being overwhelming with downpour.

The circumstance, in any case, constrained conventional pioneers in the town to do open discussion of the divine beings and accordingly the name of the two mystics was uncovered by the main cleric.

Irate occupants after hearing the name of these mystics propelled a manhunt for them lastly captured them in their separate dens.

The mystics were then beaten and yelled at the full glare of people in general. They [spiritualists] in the process admitted and conceded their underhanded demonstrations which they said they have been accomplishing for a significant long time now.

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Police in the Penyi Township anyway acted the hero of these mystics and brought them into their authority.

It is anyway not known whether the police will take up the case as a result of its otherworldly nature as the Police don’t examine profound cases. As at the hour of documenting this report, the Police couldn’t be gone after any remark.

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